Why Osteopathy?

Choose Osteopathy because we are muscle and joint specialists that use hands on therapy for effective and holistic outcomes (as explained below).

Osteopathy is a therapy system similar to physiotherapy and chiropractic and people often ask me what the difference is. In general Osteopaths spend most of their time doing hands on treatment. This includes massage, stretching and mobilisations of muscle, tendons, ligaments, fascia and joints. Osteopaths also do manipulations of joints (where you hear the popping sound). In general physio’s spend more time advising and checking exercises and chiropractors do more manipulations of joints (and less treatment of soft tissues).

Alternatively, you may want to or have been to see your GP. This will probably have been a disappointing experience. The fact is that GP’s are .. General Practitioners. In other words they are not specialists. Osteopaths are muscle and joint specialists so we can for example differentiate between low back pain that is caused by muscles, discs or ligaments.

So why Osteopathy? Well, its a system of diagnosis and treatment that in my experience is very effective in treating all manner of muscle and joint problems. The reason it is effective is that Osteopaths combine lots of hands on work with some exercise and postural advice. This is in my mind the quickest and best way to get well and out of pain. Also you can expect that Osteopathy to be holistic which means that the cause of your problem may be surprisingly unrelated to your actual symptoms. For example your low back pain may stem from an old calf muscle injury.

So in short the reason to choose Osteopathy is that it is hands on, effective and holistic.


Osteopaths in the UK are regulated by The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). A GOsC registered Osteopath has had to pass exams that ensure the public’s safety. Only Osteopaths that are registered with GOsC can legally practice Osteopathy in the UK.