Aches and Pains

If you have aches and/or pains please ring 07733366158 to discuss if I can help you.

Most people come to me with aches and pains and although most people think osteopaths are “back people” in fact we encounter patients with pain almost anywhere. The most common  sites are however lower back, upper back, neck followed by hips and knees and shoulders.

Aches and pain vary from occasional to every day and from acute and very painful to dull and chronic. One thing I often find myself explaining and repeating is that it isn’t normal to experience pain on a daily basis and most of us can be pain free if we know what to do.


Below are a list of common areas I treat and types of injury assaciated with those areas:

Neck and back pain e.g. stiffness, decreased or increased mobility, whiplash injuries, disc herniation (slipped discs)

Upper extremity pain, such as frozen shoulder, tennis/golfers elbow and carpel tunnel syndrome

Lower extremity pain, such as hip, knee, ankle and foot.

The symptoms of arthritis, degenerative hip

Neurological (nerve) pain, such as sciatica


Jaw pain, stiffness and locking

Aches and pains during and after pregnancy