Hippocrates, “father of medicine” once said…

“…Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.”

Food is basically the fuel that enables your body to work and rebuild itself. And just as you wouldn’t put the wrong type of fuel in your car, you shouldn’t be putting the wrong types of food in your body. At least not every day and in large quantities!

We use our knowledge of nutrition to diagnose any food related causes of your health problems. These could range from a slow recovery from a disc injury to the allergic causes of chronic asthma. Other conditions that we regularly help people with include: sinusitis, migraines, IBS, eczema, skin allergies, constipation, weight problems, low energy and fatigue, hot flushes and menopausal symptoms…

The method we use is to evaluate your diet against the symptoms you are experiencing in order to come up with a diet plan. After this point the emphasis is on you to enforce this diet and bring about the desired changes. This means that you are also taking your health into your own hands.

In this regard we should note that we aim to make diet plans that are realistic to you and also that we do not need to adhere to any fixed diet regime (eg veganism).