Treatment and Fees

Initial consultation and treatment   (£75)

This session is all about finding the cause (my diagnosis).

First I will take a detailed case history including the current problem and past medical history. Secondly, I will conduct an examination which involves observing your movements and some specific tests (orthopaedic tests) which help me to diagnose.

Once I have a diagnosis I will explain this to you and make sure you understand my thinking. I will then discuss treatment options for you.

Once you are clear about diagnosis and treatment options I will then proceed with treating your condition. At the end of the first session I will give you advice on what you can do to help your condition. This could be exercises and/or things to avoid.

After your first session you will know: your diagnosis, what you can do to improve it and what treatment feels like. You should also be on a pathway to better function and less pain.

Follow-up treatments (£52)

These sessions are about continuing to treat your condition and checking that we are on the right course. Sometimes diagnosis and treatments need to be tweaked and sometimes patients realise that once one problem has cleared up, another problem is lurking behind it. Follow-up sessions are mainly hands-on but always start with case history and checking how you are feeling. I will also check that you are ok with your exercises.

Follow-up treatments take 30 minutes.

Triage/mini consultations (£30)

If you would like a diagnosis and some advice without treatment I also do triage/mini consultations. In these sessions I take a case history, examine you and discuss possible treatment options as well as advise on exercise. These are shorter sessions of 20 minutes duration.


Maintenance Treatments

Some people will benefit from maintenance treatment especially if the cause of the problems are ongoing or if the problem is chronic (long term). Ongoing issues could be work or lifestyle posture related and chronic issues could be old injuries or Osteoarthritis (see blog). In these cases we expect people to benefit from bi-weekly or monthly treatments and we have a reduced rate so that it is more affordable to achieve the best results.


Initial Consultation and treatment: £75

Follow-up treatment: £52

Triage/mini consultation £30

Maintenance Treatment: Pay for 5 treatments and get 6. Have to be used within 6 months.

Concessions: Can be arranged by agreement.



If you are unable to visit our clinic we can arrange to visit and treat you in your home.

I am registered with most medical insurance companies including Bupa, AXA, Vitality, Aviva, Norwich Union and Standard Life.