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Call 07733366158 to discuss treatment options. 

Hi, my name is Ben and I use osteopathy to treat people with pain and dysfunction. I have been treating the people of Brighton and surrounding areas since 2001.

Most of my patients come to me in pain. Most people have back pain or neck pain and many have shoulder and hip pain. They are unable to sit, stand, walk or compete in their sports. The aim of treatment is to relieve and eventually eliminate all pain and thereby enable people to return to normal activities.

Another group come to me for what I call maintenance treatment. These people are not in pain and want to keep it that way. They usually initially came to me in pain and now have monthly treatments to keep joints mobile, muscles loose and exercises checked.

Most of the time I use osteopathy to treat joint and muscle pain. However pain has many presentations and causes and as a registered osteopath I am qualified to diagnose, treat and give advice for muscle and joint pain. Osteopathic qualification and regulation works in much the same way as regulation of medical doctors and that means you can be safe in the knowledge that a registered osteopath (see below) is first of all a safe clinician.

I also treat lots of sports people to help them back to their sports after injury or to achieve better results from exercise and stretching. Doctor Google can be both beneficial and misleading and I often find myself correcting advice that people have found online.

In my practice I treat patients ranging in age from 5 years old to patients well into their 90’s.

Osteopathy is a hands-on medical system based on the sciences of anatomy and physiology. Osteopathic techniques vary from massage to manipulations and range from very gentle to quite vigorous. In every osteopathic treatment session patients will receive diagnosis, hands on treatment and advice on how to improve your condition through exercises and sometimes diet/supplements.


Osteopathy is regulated by a statute of Parliament and registered Osteopaths train full time for 4 years at university level to gain a BSc in Osteopathic Medicine. Our regulatory body is the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).

To contact me regarding the suitability of treatment or to book a consultation the number is 07733 366158.


Regarding Coronavirus: March 2024 

I am following Government guidelines which suggest that patients are no longer required to wear face masks in primary healthcare settings unless they have respiratory symptoms.

Practitioners are advised to continue to wear them, so I will be wearing a mask. 

Patients can of course also choose to wear a face mask if they prefer.


Ben Raikes
GOsC Registered Osteopath