About me


My Journey into Osteopathy began with a chance encounter whilst travelling in northern India. I had set off on my travels with thoughts of further studies in a vaguely medical direction. After 3 weeks and having just acclimatised to the insanity of India I jumped over a wall and twisted my ankle badly.

The local hospital was over-run, under resourced and tired of travellers. So the doctors after diagnosing a sprained ankle rather impatiently told me to contact the local crutch maker (I kid you not) and get on with it. Without any medical knowledge and without being able to weight-bear and with the only crutch maker being out of town (for real!!) I felt pretty stuck.

I then had my first encounter with osteopathy by bumping into an English osteopath who happened to be staying in my hotel. He listened, diagnosed and explained very methodically what would happen to me and what I could do to get better quickly. At the time I assumed the contrast between the osteopath and the doctors was due to the over-stretched nature of the Indian hospitals.

I cut my travels short, returned home and confidently approached my local NHS hospital to proceed on my path to recovery. To my horror I received the same dismissal at home. Pretty much, just get on with it, although with lovely shiny crutches.

After remembering the excellent osteopathic advice I had received in India I looked up another osteopath and was immediately again given advice to help my condition. It was really at this point that I new that osteopathy provides something unique and powerful. Although I have since discovered that osteopathy is many more things what I realised at that time is that between being optimally well and severe injury is a large area. The NHS does a wonderful job at severe illness and injury, but once you are out of these categories you are left to get on with it. And this is one of the many places that osteopathy can help.

In 1997 I continued my Osteopathic journey by enrolling to study Osteopathy at BCOM (British College of Osteopathic Medicine).

Since graduating I have spent 20 years treating patients in Brighton, Newcastle, Nottingham, Dumfriis, Cornwall, London and New Zealand.

In 2007 I decided to set up Brighton Osteopathy & Sports Injury Clinic.