Sports Injuries

we treat sports injuriesI have been diagnosing and treating sports injuries for 20 years. At your initial consultation I will diagnose your injury on a tissue basis (eg ligament or tendon), treat the injury and offer you advice on how to avoid further injury and how to continue training.

My patients are often surprised and relieved by Osteopathic diagnosis. Osteopaths look at the whole body and often find that the site of pain isn’t the only area of altered function. This can be a great relief to the struggling sportsperson for 2 reasons. 1. It explains why self treatment hasn’t worked and 2. shows the correct pathway to recovery.

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A large part of my practice is treating old injuries that never completely resolved and are now disrupting normal high level function. Fortunately these old injuries can be worked out and resolved.

This is why it’s so important to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. As mentioned: old untreated and unresolved injuries come bac to haunt us either later in life or when we make greater demands on our bodies (doing sports).


Common Sports injuries that I treat;

Football: hamstring, quad and groin injuries. Achilles tendon injuries, back pain resulting from these..

Running: hamstring injuries, runners knee, Achilles injuries, pelvic imbalance, plantar faciitis, back pain resulting from these..

Martial Arts: Impact injuries, strained muscles, ligament injuries, shoulder complex imbalance…

Cricket: upper back pain and imbalance, shoulder complex problems, rib injuries, impact injuries…

Rugby: impact injuries, knee and ankle sprains, neck pain and injury…


Sporting injuries that an Osteopath can help with;

Neck and back injuries, Pulled hamstring, Achilles Tendon strains, Ankle sprains, Tennis and golfers elbow, Frozen shoulder, Strained intercostals, Impact injuries, Weak core stability, Rib dislocations, Carpel tunnel, Pelvic rotations and sacroiliac problems, Groin strains, Runners knee, Shin splints, Planter fasciitis, Muscle strains or weakness, Tendon strains (biceps, hamstring), Meniscus cartilage strains/ tears, Ligament strains or sprains (Cruciates-ACL, PCL, Patella, Sacroiliac), Bursitis.

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