Treatment & Fees


Initial Consultation and treatment: £45

Follow-up treatment: £40

Maintenance Treatment: £30

Concessions: Can be arranged by agreement.

Block Booking: Discounts available.



Initial Consultation – Your initial consultation will last 30 to 45 minutes. In this time, we will take a detailed case history and test your movements and areas of pain and restriction.  We will then explain your diagnosis and begin your treatment. At the end of your initial consultation we will give you exercise advice and explain your prognosis and what you can expect from our treatment.

Follow-up treatment – Follow-up treatments take 30 minutes. During follow-up treatments we will do less tests and more hands on treatment. We will also check that you are ok with your exercises.

Maintenance Treatments – Some people will benefit from maintenance treatment especially if the cause of the problems are ongoing or if the problem is chronic (long term). Ongoing issues could be work or lifestyle posture related and chronic issues could be old injuries or Osteoarthritis (see blog). In these cases we expect people to benefit from bi-weekly or monthly treatments and we have a reduced rate so that it is more affordable to achieve the best results.


If you are unable to visit our clinic we can arrange to visit and treat you in your home.

I am registered with most medical insurance companies including PPP-Axa, Norwich Union and Standard Life.