Hello and Welcome to Brighton Osteopathy & Sports Injury Clinic!


I am the principle practitioner and have been successfully using osteopathy to treat patients in Brighton since 2007.

I use osteopathy to treat joint and muscle pain as well as treating sports people to achieve optimum function. I believe osteopathic treatment and advice can help everyone achieve pain free and full potential. In my practice I treat patients ranging in age from 5 years old to patients well into their 90's.

Osteopathy is a hands on medical system based on the science of anatomy and physiology. Osteopathic techniques vary from massage to manipulations and range from very gentle to quite vigorous. In every osteopathic treatment session patients will receive diagnosis, hands on treatment and advice on how to improve your condition through exercises and diet.

Registered Osteopaths train for 4 years at university level to qualify.

To contact me regarding the suitability of treatment or to book a consultation,  the number is 07733 366158.


Ben Raikes
GOsC Registered Osteopath